CryptoPunks meet AI

A new expression of the original crypto art dreamed by a neural network.

Meet the CryptoPunks' awesome descendants

I love CryptoPunks, and I wished there were more. I wished there was a whole universe around them.

So I've created a deep neural network (AI) that learned from the original CryptoPunks in a unique, artistic way.

And now, this AI can dream new wild, awesome, human, alien, cyborg, or clone-like descendants.

I call them SPACEPUNKS.

MrPunkjoy @

SPACEPUNKS are the first* NFT art & collectibles as imagined by a deep neural network. I hope this marks a milestone in the new era of artistic creativity encoded into artificial intelligence.

* Or one of the first? Let me know :-)

How to get a SPACEPUNK

This is fun! SPACEPUNKS cannot be acquired directly, because they are not born yet. It's your privilege to make them come to life.

Here's how it works:

SPACEPUNKS are encoded in a deep neural net

I've built an AI which has learned the looks and features of all the original CryptoPunks in a unique, artistic way. I named it PunksAI.

PunksAI can dream new never-before-seen punks. Some are just horrible monsters, while others are super-cool badass-looking space travelers. I call them SPACEPUNKS.

The number of possible SPACEPUNKS is huge, but unless a SPACEPUNK is minted, it's only an imagination. A possibility.

A specialized NFT (NeuroPunk) gives you the right to mint SPACEPUNKS

PunksAI is governed by a NFT called NeuroPunks. There are 10,000 NeuroPunks as each represents a neural image of one punk and its deep nonlinear correlation to all the other 9,999 CryptoPunks.

If you own a NeuroPunk, you can task the AI to extract the neural image of your punk and use it to create a unique SPACEPUNK. In this process, a neural intersection between many implicit features of two punks and their relation to all others is retrieved. Each combination can only be minted once.

Once the image is extracted, its NFT gets minted into your wallet. You can mint up to 3 SPACEPUNKS from 1 NeuroPunk.

You can trade NeuroPunks or mint SPACEPUNKS and trade them too

Once you mint a SPACEPUNK, you can hold it or trade it as an ERC721 NFT.

Of course, the NeuroPunks can be traded too. You can mint any of the 3 SPACEPUNKS any time in the future, or you can keep your NeuroPunk "unused".

It's your choice.

Any questions? You can find me e.g. on the Larva Labs Discord as MrPunkjoy.
Please note this project is not affiliated with Larva Labs. I am just a huge fan who wants to expand the punk Universe!

Community giveaway

As a tribute to the CryptoPunks community, I am giving away 1000 free NeuroPunks to the owners of the original CryptoPunks.

Please check here soon or find me on Discord as MrPunkjoy. The giveaway will start shortly.

Current Status

Giveaway Started


Public Sale Started


NeuroPunks Left


Check back soon!